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Myths, Fables, Lore and Misconceptions of the Book of Mormon Lands

Myths and fables
south america

The Lands of the Book of Mormon include all of North and South America. 

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If we start at the end of the Book of Mormon, the Hill Cumorah and work backwards using all of the descriptions found in the Book of Mormon Chapters, not just a few that serve our own purpose and remember the basic mode of transportation was by foot, that forests were so thick people easily lost their way, the area spoken of is a lot smaller than the North and/or South American Continents. The map above using Cumorah as a starting point represents the area and geography specifically described in the Book of Mormon. You will find many answers to your questions, that is except "where did Lehi and his family park the boat when they reached their promised land". The Book of Mormon doesn't tell us that information yet.    


There are so many ideas, theories, propositions, assumptions and arguments as to where the Book of Mormon stories took place. We take no stand on the validity of these ideas. We do, however, take exception to the assumptions and arguments, mostly the arguments. After all King Benjamin taught "neither will ye suffer that they transgress the laws of God, and fight and quarrel one with another, and serve the devil, who is the master of sin," Mosiah 4:14. No wonder we are asked to focus on the doctrine and stop the bickering.


It took the Nephites hundreds of years to come down out of the mountains and discover the land, city and people of Zarahemela and join with them in their promised land. The people of Zarahemela had a promised land but no written records. Zarahemela gave the history of his people to Mosiah after he, Mosiah, taught him the language of his fathers. 


Perhaps there are a lot more promised lands and people without records in the Americas than we have thought possible in the past. Read the research contained in these four chapters in your spare time when you are not studying the Book of Mormon by yourself or with your family or friends. I have learned a lot about the people found in the Book of Mormon. Study these concepts for yourself. If you have differing views or theories lay them aside for awhile and with an open mind see if we can't find some common ground and become a unified people. I'm sure it would make Heavenly Father smile and might bring us knowledge we have never thought possible. Come join with us. Our tent is big for the true seekers.    

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All The lands of the Book of Mormon Destroyed at the Time of Christ's Crucifixion.

The lands in the Book of Mormon were partly destroyed, not all. The Nephites and the Lamanites were here for approximately 400 more years after the destruction. The Land's points of interest appear to still be in place. There are indeed things that have changed but, with the description in the book of Mormon and tracking them down in the Western New York area, it is easy to see the changes that accounts for the placement of landmarks not present anymore.

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The Book of Mormon Lands are in South America.

The Book of Mormon says that Christ visited all the Twelve tribes. We believe that South America is one of those other places Christ visited after he left the Book of Mormon people. There are are many accounts of His visits to the tribes of Israel which will be collected to further testify of Christ. South America is one of those areas. Vaughn stated to me that while he was in South America, one of the civic leaders took Vaughn to a place and noted that this was the very spot where Christ visited his people long ago. The Christ taught in South America, but it is not the Land of The Book of Mormon?


The Book of Mormon Lands Are in Missouri

Missouri area is essential as well. The Nephites scattered all over the eastern part of the united states. Using archaeology evidence, they are finding places that further testify of the Book of Mormon in the Missouri area. It is truly a part of the whole story of the in the Book of Mormon. According to the scriptures, which indicate the lands end at the furthest south point is in the southern Pennsylvania area. It is the people of the Book of Mormon, not the lands of the Book of Mormon. DNA proves the existence of the people of the Book of Mormon in the United States. 

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The Nephites Were all Killed and Their Civilization Ended at Cumorah.

Members of the Church say that the Nephites were all killed, not right. We know that many of the Prophets and others went to the land northward to re-established their lives. Many Nephites dissented over to the Lamanites. The Nephites became known as Lamanites. The Nephites identified as a group who believed in God and Jesus Christ and not a linage. Lamanites are known as those who did not believe in God or Jesus Christ.

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Archaeology Proof is Questionable.

Archaeological evidence gives us approximately timing. It is many times argumentative and debatable in all cases. Solely putting all proof in the Archaeology is disastrous and will not stand in the end. The only real way to conclude the position of the lands is from the complete history, unedited and not changed.

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Archaeology questions
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